On March 20, 2019, the Las Vegas City Council voted to allow J Dapper and Dapper Companies to assist the City with the reuse of Huntridge Circle Park. Our goal is to design a spectacular Children’s Park and Sculpture Park to be enjoyed by all residents and families of the Huntridge community, in addition to other residents and tourists in Las Vegas who will be drawn to this incredible green space. Watch the video and take a peek at what we envision.

The Huntridge Neighborhood & Circle Park

  • Developed in the 1940s to house the city’s first big population boom due to the creation of the Army Air Station (Nellis AFB) during WWII. It reached its peak in the 1970s as new construction and massive expansion continued to alter the Las Vegas landscape.
  • The neighborhood consists of approximately 17,000 residents from Charleston Boulevard to the north, 15th Street to the east, Oakey to the south and Maryland Parkway to the west.
  • The 3-acre Huntridge Circle Park has been the gathering place of this downtown historic neighborhood since its development in 1942, and is one of the few green spaces in Downtown Las Vegas.
  • Owned by the City of Las Vegas, the park was once a place for a friendly game of croquet, a picnic or special events like outdoor movies. In recent times, however, the park has played victim to local crime. This activity has forced neighborhood residents and businesses to somewhat abandon the park until something can be done to secure the area and return the park to its glory.

Together We Build Dreams

In the months to come, we will be working with a landscape designer and researching innovative playground equipment, similar to what you see here.

Projected concepts courtesy of Luckey Climbers.

We are also researching successful private/public partnerships with park initiatives in other cities to determine best practices.

We are invested in the Huntridge community and are more than happy to incur the time and financial obligations associated with the research and planning of this venture. However, we are looking for patrons and benefactors to help fund the playground equipment and physical work that will need to be done once the design is complete and approved by the City of Las Vegas.
A legacy will be left after repurposing Huntridge Circle Park, rejuvenating the Huntridge neighborhood and repairing the problems that loom over residents of the area. Providing a safe and exciting Children’s Park will inspire the community and become a central point of excitement and pride for the Huntridge community.

Why Dapper Companies?

Dapper Companies are the owners of the Huntridge Center at Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway, in addition to other properties in the area. To-date, Dapper and Scott Silver, partners in Ten15Development, have invested more than $10 million on the remodel of Huntridge Center, including landscaping, upgraded signage, building exteriors and more. Investing in Huntridge Circle Park is now an extension of their investment in the community.
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